The Office

Our Challenge

"To practice law in an ethical but yet combative way, so that we can generate positive results beyond our clients' expectations"

The office

It was founded in 1989 and since then, it´s been dedicated to services and to the several areas of corporate law, located in the main financial center of Latin America and close to the biggest corporations and main areas of the Judicial Power.

We are fully capable of providing assistance countrywide, as well as worldwide through our branches and associates. The agility in service, affiliated to technical quality and adequate costs with compatible operational and physical structures are the necessary components to the success of this law firm within the new economic panorama in this sector.

We have a fully specialized team of lawyers, post graduated in their respective areas and in continuous updating and training with the best and most modern technical resources in controlling, security and information.

In order to keep maximum efficiency in our services, our office constantly invests in staff, believing that through this strategy, it will obtain permanent cooperation and therefore guarantee quick actions and best results for our clients' demands.

It's worth to point out thay we have developed a new area that is called Corporate Contentious. The main goal is to assist clients that might have a great amount of judicial demands, through a compatible cost for each case, be that as related to information of judicial nature, or managerial, in order to enable a reduction.

Throughout the years, A.S. Azevedo Sociedade de Advogados has acquired its greatest asset: a solid name with highly qualified staff with rigid ethical standards. Our philosophy is based on a simple creed: strategy, dedication and results.

Offering the best to our clients is our main goal, which will provide confidence, security and the comfort expected in the administration of the cases.

We do get involved with the reality of the client upon a real constructive and respectful partnership that for sure will help us reach our targets and obtain success as a result.

It will be a great pleasure to have you with us!

Our Structure