A.S. Azevedo Sociedade de Advogados has been present in basically all areas of law but mainly in corporate law, both countrywide and abroad within several operations.

The office is structured in departments according to each area but in an integrated and global way in civil, corporate, partnerships, tributary, customs and labor law.

We still have services within business structuration, contract consulting and foreign capital, perfectly capable of elaborating analysis and answers to consultations formulated in Portuguese, as well as in Spanish, English and German.

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Administrative Public Law

Elaboration of views and defenses about laws, decrees and administrative rules both by the Legislative and Executive.


We strongly work on corporate and civil litigation upon any judicial district in the country with a complete infra- structure all over the country be that as by its own unity integrated or in several unities over several district courts in order to litigate under our clients´ interests. With the best professionals in this area, we work with the judiciary power as well as with alternative ways in order to get solutions for conflicts, such as arbitrage mediations.

Banking Law

It involves orientation and elaboration of financial operations in Brazil and abroad according to the rules established by the Brazilian Federal Bank and Comissão de Valores Imobiliários, regulamentation of open and closed capital companies, investment funds, security, analisys and elaboration of agreements, evaluation of polemic matters in regards to interests, agreement fines, operations and credit financing of any kind.

Commercial Law

We handle money exchange matters, commercial agreements, credit bonds, bankruptcies, judicial recoveries, liquidation, support in foreign trade, import and export. We count on partner offices all over South America, United States and in main areas in Europe.

Consultory And Tributary Auditing

This consultory in direct and indirect tributes is committed to answering questions to consultations, elaborate views, work on tributary auditing and review of procedures in order to identify liabilities and tributary contigencies as well as develop a tributary planning in order to legally reduce the tributary liabilities of the companies.

Consumer Relations Law

We evaluate the clients´procedures in relation to the consumer´s defense and protection rules, working on the orientation and necessary adaptations specially in regards to adequate information to the consumer through the defense of their interests in face of their demands.

Customs Law

In this area we do all the procedures in foreign trade, as well as research, consultory, licensing related to foreign trade, taxes, nationalizations, agreements, insurances, international freights, and import and export. Mr. Aguinaldo Azevedo is a member of Sindiex Counseling.

Family Law

We elaborate the sucessorial planning, inventory and assets protection as well as aspects related to filliation and to the children´s statute and adolescents, resolutions in regards to marriages dissolutions and their respective matrimonial rights and alimony, constitution and dissolutions of stable unions, real partnerships and elaboration of wills.

International And Domestic Agreements

We assist our clients since the very beginning of the negotiations until the elaboration of contracts of supplies, transference of technologies, franchising, leasing, financing, chattel mortgage, commercial distribution, commercial representation, brokerage, agency, civil construction, confidentiality agreements, as well as of many other natures both country wide and abroad and civil contracts of any nature, such as power of attorney, insurances, constitution of guarantee and writ drafts.

Labor Law

We guide our clients in relation to preventive procedures, providing ample consultory about questions in regards to Human Resources Management, as well as intermediation in negotiations of colective workmans' comp., implementation in the workers' profit participation, elaboration of internal policies of companies, as well as defending the interests of our clients upon complaints.

Legal Claim And Economic Law

We offer judicial assistance in the negotiation of commercial relationships within the CADE - Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica, judicial assistance for administrative cases within the Secretaria de Direito Econômico do Ministério da Justiça - SDE, both matters of previous control of contracts in regards to defense for infractions to the economic order, as well as evaluation of fusion agreements, joint ventures and associations, among other acts of conglomeration and in which implementation may implicate in impacts in the economy and /or infractions to the economic order.

Litigation Office Tributario And Aministrative Proceeding

This department elaborates defenses and resources in regards to any kind of tribute, tax, contribution or compulsory loan, administrating infractions, fiscal executions, annulment acts of fiscal debts, declaratory actions, repetition of undues, court injunctions and cases for restitutions and compensation of tributary credits. We adopted measures in order to guarantee the ample defense and tue contradictorious in the administrative procedures of any nature, as well as the integrity of our clients'rights upon the organs of public administration.

Litigations And Administrative Agreements

Ample assistance in public litigations and any areas of direct and indirect public administrations organs (federal, state and municipal), including international bids, concessions and privatizations, providing information and guidance in regards to elaboration of proposals, obtaining then specific documentation upon the legal demands.

Procedural Law And Civil Litigation

Responsible for judicial cases of civil nature, involving the sponsoring of judicial acts of any procedures and /or nature, including possessory actions, indenizations by civil responsabilities for material losses and damages, evictions, revisionals and renewals, collections and executions of bonds, bankruptcies, partnership dissolutions and partnership litigations.

Real Estate Law

Our office provides assistance in real rights, such as analysis of documentations and elaboration of buy and sell agreements, permutations, rentals, donations, commodate, constitutions of mortgages and other guarantees, registration of instruments of alienation, cession or taxation of urban and rural real estate.

Social Welfare Law

In this area, we analyze the amounts due to the INSS and others, evaluation of reviews of taxes for contributions to the government taking then the necessary measures against illegal charges and therefore requesting the indemnification of amounts taken in the past, and requests for retirements.

Societary Law

We give assistance in acts for constitution, acquisition, fusion, incorporation, splitting, transformation, dissolution and extinction of partnerships, company succession, stock operations of buy and sell, quotas and assets, partnership planning and reorganization and restructuration of companies under financial difficulties, implementation operations, businesses and investments in Brazil, as we take care of the procedures for foreign capital registration and respective repatriation of capital, partnerships, representations, joint ventures, off-shore operations and due diligence.